International Stutter (Stottern) Training & Coaching

Run by people who stutter for people who stutter since 1994

  • Become a member of the world’s largest international stuttering organisation
  • Training & Coaching for people who stutter by people who stutter
  • Unlimited Speech Stuttering Training Courses for members
  • Unlimited Refreshers Courses, Improvement Courses & Challenging Weekend Courses
  • Learn the Physiology & Psychology of stuttering
  • Learn the use of costal breathing also known as diaphragmatic breathing
  • Learn Assertive Self-acceptance & Confidence Building
  • Practise using the Telephone/Skype with trained & experienced coaches
  • Access to weekly or fortnightly online & offline support groups
  • All new members get a Personal Speech Training Coach
  • Access to our after Support Network (our backup support) with experienced coaches
  • Benefit from an English Speaking Course (German stutterers are members)