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“I’m so grateful now that I have a stammer”

WHEN Jennifer Vaughan raised a glass to toast her marriage to new husband Ashley she had a lot to celebrate.

Before she went on an intensive speech therapy course she’d hit rock bottom after suffering years of anger and frustration at not even being able to say her own name.

And now here she was, eloquently reading aloud her own personally written vows as well as making an emotional speech at the reception – and she’d enjoyed it.

STUTTERER Oscar Winning Short Film 2016

The heartfelt Irish/British drama Stutterer is the brainchild of three filmmakers, writer/director Benjamin Cleary, producer Shan Christopher Ogilvie and producer Serena Ermitage. This remarkable film about a young man’s difficulties dating with a severe stutter is winning multiple awards and has now won an Oscar in the Academy Awards.

Stutterers ‘Trick Or Treating’ in Frankfurt am Main!!!

Süßes oder Saures! We held a small intimate course in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 28.-31. October 2015. This was my 08th time instructing an intensive course, the 02nd in the Germany Region and it was the smallest course that I have ever experienced. Even though it was small it didn’t effect the McGuire dynamic and the course was no diffident from anyother course that I’ve experienced in my 12 years on the programme.

The McGuire Effect. . . Like Ripples In A Pond!

I feel privileged. How many people get a chance to have a positive effect on so many people and get the opportunity to change peoples lives for the better. To witness the transformation of people who join the programme for the first time, from out of control stutterers to disciplined, controlled confident people is truly amazing. The McGuire Programme really does change the lives of people who stutter and has been doing so for over 20 years.