Is the McGuire Programme for you?

You have the opportunity to see if the McGuire Programme is for you before you make your mind up to join. If you decide on the second day that the programme is not for you, there is no charge (try the programme free for 2 days), except for your hotel accommodation and any food consumed during a course.

If you decide to leave on the Friday of your first course the fee will be reimbursed to your Bank Account on the Monday following your the intensive course. (Minus 250 to cover administration costs)

The fee to join the McGuire Programme is 1.252€ + 19% VAT. Once you join you can attend as many courses as you wish.

*Please note to aid the administration, the fee is payable two weeks in advance of your first intensive course.

Minimal fees may also be charged for Support Group Meetings (no more than 5€) and

Refresher Days (member fees: no more than 30€ per day or 80€  for full course) that are not part of the intensive courses.