Fear Is Fine – Embrace It, Don’t Dodge It.

Group photo from our Public Speaking Event in Düsseldorf, Germany

Have you ever suffered from fear of change, fear of failing, fear of decisions or fear itself? Like many or all people who stutter, we feel fear and that fear is the ‘fear of stuttering’ not the fear of talking. An important point to remember here is that this fear will not go away. This fear will always be with you.

How Embracing My Stutter Gave Me a New Lease on Life


By Patrick Hanlon Food and travel writer, blogger, 1/2 of gastrogays, London by way of Dublin! As I sat in a university lecture, my breathing was shallow and fast, my palms sweaty and my heart raced as one-by-one my classmates stood up to speak. This scene played out countless times before but the panic, fear […]

Lysterfield Owen Westwood works to control his stutter with McGuire Programme

AFTER more than 20 years spent trying to hide his stutter, a Lysterfield man has decided to “take action” against the speech impediment that has controlled his life. Owen Westwood, 25, has had the “crippling” impediment since he could talk but time spent chained to a desk in an office job he hated forced him […]