Jamie Googan; Stutterer – “My dream is now my reality.”

As a child growing up with a severe stammer (stutter / stottern), I always wondered why I spoke in a different way from other students and why they would laugh at me when I tried desperately to pronounce my own name. I was always self-conscious of my speech, and what I was going to say. One of my biggest emotional struggles came from growing up without being able to say my own name without stammering. I always had a dream of becoming an eloquent public speaker, I just didn’t know how.

Irish man from Cork says overcoming his stutter ‘changed his life forever’.

Since he was five years old, Jamie Googan has struggled with a stammer: “Growing up, I always wondered why other people would laugh at me when I tried desperately to pronounce my own name or any other words,” he said. “I suppose that one of the biggest things for me when I was growing up was I have never met anyone else had a stammer, so there was always that feeling of isolation there,” Jamie added.

Speaking Up For Herself – No longer suffering in silence.

Until she was 23 Jennifer Vaughan couldn’t even say her own name. But on the biggest day of her life, she composed her own heartfelt wedding vows and made an emotional speech at the reception. She tells Lucy Richardson how an intensive speech therapy course has changed her life.