Meet the Conwy teenager who copied Gareth Gates to get rid of his stammer

Since overcoming his impediment, Daniel Reid of Llanfairfechan has spoken in front of 100 people at a wedding. A teenager with a stammer took a leaf out of singer Gareth Gates’ book and has now conquered his speech impediment. Like Gates, Daniel Reid’s stammer caused him no end of distress – but his life changed […]

Jamie Googan; Stutterer – “My dream is now my reality.”

As a child growing up with a severe stammer (stutter / stottern), I always wondered why I spoke in a different way from other students and why they would laugh at me when I tried desperately to pronounce my own name. I was always self-conscious of my speech, and what I was going to say. One of my biggest emotional struggles came from growing up without being able to say my own name without stammering. I always had a dream of becoming an eloquent public speaker, I just didn’t know how.

Irish man from Cork says overcoming his stutter ‘changed his life forever’.

Since he was five years old, Jamie Googan has struggled with a stammer: “Growing up, I always wondered why other people would laugh at me when I tried desperately to pronounce my own name or any other words,” he said. “I suppose that one of the biggest things for me when I was growing up was I have never met anyone else had a stammer, so there was always that feeling of isolation there,” Jamie added.