Speaking Up For Herself – No longer suffering in silence.

Until she was 23 Jennifer Vaughan couldn’t even say her own name. But on the biggest day of her life, she composed her own heartfelt wedding vows and made an emotional speech at the reception. She tells Lucy Richardson how an intensive speech therapy course has changed her life.

Man learns to control his stutter to fulfil his dream of being a teacher

Adam, 26, has been a stutterer all of his life and for most of it believed his dreams of becoming a teacher could never happen. Worst still, the man who has just become a father for the first time thought he might never be able to tell his son a bedtime story. Adam’s remarkable metamorphosis from a lad fearful of opening his mouth, to a guest lecturer who has eloquently addressed academic conferences across the country, is down to one man – Dave McGuire.

How I fought a stammer that was killing my confidence.

Growing up, I had access to all kinds of privileges. But my speech impediment was one thing that kept me from being ‘perfect’.
It was, however, not until my 4th year of medical school when everything spiralled out of my control.