Fear Is Fine – Embrace It, Don’t Dodge It.

As Susan Jeffers says ‘Feel the fear, and do it anyway’. Don’t wait for the fear to dissipate, it won’t. The longer you wait for the fear to go away, the more intense the feeling grows. Susan Jeffers states that becoming aware of your fears and your limitations can change your life as long as you learn how to deal with them. All through life we will come across situations that make us fearful but we need to learn how to approach these fears and move on with our life. People miss so many opportunities in life simply due to fear and anxiety; we need to approach these fears with simple steps each day that will allow us to take those chances and open doors that were previously closed. Fear can make your world smaller so don’t allow the fear to overtake you.

“Fear is fine – embrace it, don’t dodge it. Then, walk through the fire anyway.”

On the McGuire Programme we have the same approach to facing our fears and how to deal with them. We have techniques and strategies in place to deal with situations that make you feel less fearful. We learn more about ourselves when we take action, we don’t learn by sitting back and feeding the fear. By taking action and facing our fears we become less anxious and less fearful. On the program we take every opportunity that comes our way to talk and speak using technique. We take every opportunity to ‘expose’ ourselves for who we truly are. We are not our stutter. We are people who are working hard on controlling our stutters. We no longer hide our true selves. And it feels amazing. Once you break down that barrier, your outlook on life and your behaviour changes for the better. We can finally live without holding ourselves back from doing the things we’ve always wanted to do. This even includes the simple things in life, like ordering the food you desire, to giving your name when asked for it. These are major steps for a person who stutters.

I experienced a new student facing their fears head-on during our last course in Düsseldorf, Germany. I brought her out for the contact session on the Saturday of the 3-Day Intensive course. Once the new student started using the techniques and ‘exposed’ herself as a person who stutters, it removed the feeling of shame and guilt, it allowed her to free her mind from the stresses that a stutter can hold over us. It was also very inspirational for me to see the changes happening in front of me, and to keep doing what we do on the McGuire Programme. Helping people, like ourselves, to break free from the freezing, struggle and distortion, and from the many tricks and avoidances we all created to be seen as a ‘normal’, ‘fluent’ speaker.

No more ‘hiding’ for the 5 new students who joined us in Düsseldorf, who learned concrete techniques to turn passivity into assertiveness. And learned how to stop negative thinking patterns and reeducate their minds to think more positively. And how to turn every decision into a “No-Lose” situation.

“The more we do things that we’re afraid of, we are proving to ourselves that we CAN handle danger, uncertainty etc., the more we can feel confident that we will be able to handle similar experiences in the future. In other words, facing our fears is something we can practice and get better at, even if we can never completely obliterate fear from our lives.”

Did you find this article useful? Do you know someone who stutters, who would benefit from trying out the McGuire Programme and giving themselves the best possible start to controlling their stutter? Do you, yourself stutter? If so, get in touch with one of our representatives today. No need to be afraid to contact us, we all people who stutter, who have found a new lease on life via the McGuire Programme and it’s extensive backup support.

“An important truth: YOU can’t wait for the fear to go away before you do something!”

Our next 3-Day Intensive Course in Germany will be held in Frankfurt am Main in October 2017
Date: 18.-21.10.2017 – Don’t be the one who holds you back. Reserve your place today!

Crazy Guitar Man Versus Stutterers In Frankfurt Am Main!

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We are so lucky to be situated in central Europe, as we had many members and new students coming from all over the world; this time we had people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia via the Czech Republic, Ireland, The Netherlands, Holand, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the USA. The course was truly an international mix that represents and reflects the McGuire Programme internationally. The McGuire techniques and methods work in any language – so don’t be afraid to join us in Germany! We have many members from Germany (true German natives) that are willing and able to assist you if you don’t understand something or need something translated. Joining us is also a great opportunity to put your English to the test and maybe even learn a few phrases from native English speakers! That’s how I’m learning German, from native German speakers.

During the 3-Days working on our speech and getting our stutters under control, we witnessed instant progression from all the graduates and from the new students. Through consistent hard-work, learning new techniques and developing and habituating newly learnt good speaking and communication habits.

From day one you could see that any tension, stress, anxiety or fear that was present on the Wednesday evening had disappeared from the new students. A new expression of ‘release’ was seen by all and all the old bad habits were gradually disappearing.

When we say it’s a 3-Day course, we also state that’s it’s 3-Days of intensive work on your speech; those 3-Days actually add up to roughly 42 Hours of working on your speech. Well over the average working week. And that’s excluding the hours outside the speech training room, where you are always with a McGuire coach and as we say “Every-time you speak is an opportunity to use technique.” and a coach is there to keep you on track 24/7.

We are truly the lucky ones as not many people get to witness peoples live changing in front of them! We get to see this transformation of people from out of control stutterers to disciplined, controlled confident people. The McGuire Programme really does change the lives of people who stutter and not just their lives but the lives of their families, friends, colleagues and beyond.

You might be wondering why I called this news report ‘Crazy Guitar Man Versus Stutterers in Frankfurt am Main!’. Well, during our public speaking session on the Saturday of the course we had a visitor. A local street entertainer, who decided to steal the spotlight from one of our coaches by entertaining the crowd with his acoustic rendition of god know what with vocal and spirited lyrics! We had the camcorder still running – here’s a few screen-grads for your enjoyment. The full video is available below – this might go viral (so watch this space).


But don’t let that turn you off joining us! If you know someone who stutters or if you are a person who stutters, please get in touch with us, we are here to help and we love to help. Please get in touch with your local regional director via phone, email, text message – whatever method you prefer but don’t wait! Life’s too short to wait for something to happen –  do it now!

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” – Wayne Dyer 

We have another two courses lined-up for 2016, the first of which is in June in Düsseldorf and the last but not least will be held in Berlin this coming October 2016. I hope you can join us and start to change your life for the better.

There is no dream that is too big to achieve.

Contact Emmet O’Connell, the Regional Director in Germany via:

Stutterers ‘Trick Or Treating’ in Frankfurt am Main!!!

Trick Or Treating In Frankfurt Am Main!!!
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Süßes oder Saures! We held a small intimate course in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 28.-31. October 2015. This was my 08th time instructing an intensive course, the 02nd in the Germany Region and it was the smallest course that I have ever experienced. Even though it was small it didn’t effect the McGuire dynamic and the course was no diffident from anyother course that I’ve experienced in my 12 years on the programme.


We had people from all over the world – Ireland, Germany, the USA, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, Georgia via the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The course was truly an international mix that represents and reflects the McGuire Programme internationally and it was a course full of commitment, dedication and courage from the new students, the refreshers (refreshers are members attending their second course) and returning graduate members.

Aristotle believed courage to be the most important quality in mankind. “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others (human virtues) possible,” he wrote. Ernest Hemingway also put it that courage is “grace under pressure.” And, it seems, we can make ourselves more courageous with practice and effort and boy did that show during this course for all the attendees.

During the three intensive days working on our speech and getting our stutters under control, we all witnessed progression from all the graduates and new students attending. Through constant work, learning and drilling the McGuire techniques and developing and habituating newly learnt habits. The tension, stress, anxiety and fear had all disappeared. All the old bad habits were disappearing and a new experience of playing in the sport of speaking begins!

When it comes to fear, psychologist Noam Shpancer said, “the only way out is through”. And it’s true: One of the most effective ways to banish fear is to repeatedly force yourself to face what you’re afraid of. Research has found that this repeated exposure lowers the psychological fear response until it is more manageable or in some cases gone. Afraid of public speaking? Practicing giving a talk in front of a group will help bolster your courage when faced with speaking engagements of any size. And we do this in spades on a McGuire Programme course!!!

“Exposure is hands down the most successful way to deal with phobias, anxiety disorders, and everyday fears of any sort,” Stanford neuroscientist Philippe Goldin via Lifehacker.

Not many people get to witness firsthand, people bettering themselves. We get to see this on very McGuire course we attend. We see the transformation of people who join the programme for the first time, from out of control stutterers to disciplined, controlled confident people and this is truly amazing. The McGuire Programme really does change the lives of people who stutter.

If you are a person who stutters or if you know someone who stutters please get in touch with us, we are here to help. Get in touch with your local regional director via phone, email, text message!

That was our last course of 2015! Roll on 2016 – we have three courses lined-up, the first of which is in February in Hamburg, the second in June in Düsseldorf and the last but not least in October in Berlin. I hope you can join us and start to change your life for the better.