How can you start to have more FUN speaking?

Words of wisdom from John Harrison:

This may be hard to understand, but the desperate need to be fluent is partly why it’s so hard to be fluent. An obsessive focus on fluency helps to keep stuttering foremost and fixed in your mind.

My question to you is — how can you start to have more FUN speaking?

What I have found is that fun is the antidote to performance fears. Because when you’re having FUN you’re being most yourself. And when you’re being most yourself, that’s when you are most in touch with your personal power. I know that recovery is more complex than just focusing on fun, but keeping this in your awareness helps you to stay aware of how you give away your power.

One thing I do in my public speaking workshops is to invite people to move around the room when they speak, and to double their volume and use more vocal variety. Few people are comfortable doing this … at least not initially … but they are always shocked to discover that when they feel they’re coming off too big (loud, assertive, etc.) this is precisely when the audience finds them alive and engaging.

A big part of the recovery process is recalibrating our perceptions and our beliefs. This takes time and practice, but it is doable.