Overcoming Stuttering Through Experience

At the McGuire Programme, we’re a group of stutterers dedicated to helping others to overcome their stutter. We’re not speech therapists; we’re all stutterers ourselves who have found immense success with this program – success that is truly changing our lives both professionally and personally. Most of all, we’re passionate about helping YOU begin to conquer your stuttering, and then giving you unlimited lifelong support as you progress on that journey in your real life.



As stutterers ourselves, we know from personal experience how challenging it is to not be able to communicate what you want to say, when you want to say it.  The McGuire Programme teaches you how to confront and overcome the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of your stutter, and teaches you how to speak eloquently in many different situations.

Just as importantly, your lifetime McGP membership gives you ongoing post-course support – FOR LIFE, including:

  • 18 months of personal coaching as you learn to speak eloquently in real life.
  • In-person and Skype-based support groups to continue your journey with friends.
  • Unlimited access to a network of hundreds of coaches and thousands of other McGP members worldwide.
  • Unlimited refresher courses to refine your eloquence and speaking skill.
  • Much more…

So come and attend an intensive course in your region and join the largest group of stutterers in the world – all working to overcome their stutter. Together!