When you say that someone breaks the mold, you mean that they do completely different things from what has been done before or from what is usually done. That phrase can be applied to what we do on the McGuire Programme.

If you ‘break the mold’ you change yourself in situations completely.
We help people make the changes needed to overcome stuttering but we all know that change is hard and change can be difficult.

Change takes considerable time and effort. Changing something like old stuttering behaviors takes considerable effort. You will need to put up with the discomfort, uncertainty, and hard work on a daily basis. Until such time that you have developed and grown into the person, you want to become.

On the recent course in Düsseldorf, Germany in November 2022, I’ve seen people change over the intensive 3-day period and pushed themselves into uncomfortable speaking situations/challenges and you could see the cracks starting the appear as they started to break the mold of holding back, anxiety/unease in their demeanor (outward behavior or bearing.)

I asked a number of attendees to write their experience down and share it with the world. I’ve included all comments received and you can read them for yourself below.

“I have joined the course and honestly could not tell who were the new students. As they were so disciplined and confident in their speech! This showed the wonderful support from Emmet, coaches, and grads. Each time I come to this course I go back stronger, full of inspirational stories, and motivated to take more speaking challenges. A big thanks to all the McGuire Programme family! It’s thanks to its amazing people that this program is a success.”

“Many, many thanks on my behalf. One of the wonders of these courses is the social interactions across national and social boundaries. With some, you link instantly, which is actually quite a rare thing in the human condition. We will remember these moments and people for the rest of our lives. With others, you find a unique common ground after a few discussions. After that, you feel a true connection to these people and are at complete ease with them and enjoy their company on a level that seldom happens in our day-to-day lives.

Even if with those you seem to have nothing in common, you have an immediate mental understanding and you can empathize with their most intimate thoughts and emotions without them having to explain them to you. Really, in what other connections can you have experiences of these sorts? Hope you all recognize yourself in these words.”

If you ‘break the mold’ you change yourself in situations completely.

“First of all, I want to thank the Scandinavian region for canceling the course that was planned for September 😉. If it would have commenced, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet all the awesome people from that region. And I would have gotten a lot less valuable advice and feedback. And then there is one of my favorite things about the McGuire program. I love to talk to others in order to better myself with their experiences, but knowing that I may have some part of the puzzle that somebody else is still looking for is even more fulfilling to me.”

Closing remark: This program really is something else, a community where ethnicity or nationality fades into insignificance. And only character and personality define you, sounds almost like a John Lennon song. Thank you for a fantastic and inspiring course.”

“The atmosphere was friendly, caring, and respectful. At the same time, it was very disciplined, motivating, challenging, and energetic. A very special combination.”

“In terms of speaking techniques, I was really happy to have some of the techniques thoroughly specified and nuanced. Something I really needed.”

“In addition, it was enormously inspiring for me to hear other people’s stories and experiences – and to get concrete advice on how to incorporate training into everyday life.”

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“The course was also characterized by being a place where many opened up about their vulnerabilities and challenges in changing (adopting the techniques in everyday situations). On the one hand, being open brought us closer together – on the other hand, I couldn’t help but feel both a little sad and curious about what it is that holds people back so much.”

“For my own part, anxiety/unease about what other people might think is the biggest factor… I have thought a lot about what you said about “getting out of other people’s heads”.

And on that closing note: about getting out of other people’s heads – it’s the source of many people’s anxiety. Imagining what other people might/must be thinking. And for me, this began in my younger years. Guessing what other people would say until ‘their voices’ in my head drowned out my own.

The truth is we do not know what other people think and who can read other people perfectly anyway? Previously I adjusted my behavior to the thoughts of others, except that I didn’t know their thoughts. It is a very tough way to live. Like getting to a destination by guessing what the map says.

If you want to break the mold and go beyond stuttering please get in touch with one of our regional directors who will answer any questions you have in relation to the program and how it works.

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