Lest We Forget.

Leonard (Len) Langford passed away on Saturday 12 August 2006, following an apparent heart attack at his home.

I had been chatting with him (by telephone) less than two hours earlier.

Len joined the McGuire Programme in the late 1990s and had been a primary coach for many years.

He was the organiser of the Hereford Course in October 2000 and fronted the Hereford Support Group between 2000 and 2005 – relinquishing the reins when he relocated to Essex.

He was a great friend of mine, while also being my primary coach. Indeed, had it not been for an Open Day that Len facilitated in Hereford on 1 April 2000, I would not have joined the Programme. Attending that event changed the direction of my life.

Although he had not attended a course for several years, he remained very active on the telephone support network and provided valuable assistance to many.

Len will be laid to rest at Belmont Abbey, Hereford, the venue of so many successful support groups over the years. He will be sadly missed.

Alan Badmington

Really sad news…I had a lot of time for Len and he put so much into his speech and local support group…he is a great loss to our programme.

I especially would like to thank him for supporting Sophia and taking her to the support groups. I know she thought the world of Len.

Matt Wilton

Len was one of those few who remained loyal to the programme and stood strong for us during the dark time in 98/99. 100% dedicated to helping new and old. Fine gentleman…

Dave McGuire

I was saddened to hear of the death of Len Langford. He was a positive influence on me during my early UK North courses in Manchester and Cardiff in 2001. When I took over as RD in September 2002 Len was one of the first senior grads in the region to get in touch and offer his support.

Iain Mutch

I’m so very sad to hear this terrible news.

I knew Len well and we met and spoke many times after his first course. He was a very caring, kindhearted man who always had time for anyone who needed his help.

I remember during 1999 when the programme was going through a bad patch, Len even offered to take over as RD or indeed do anything in his power to keep the course going.

He will be sadly missed.

Tim Pierce

Len organised the last course I instructed in Hereford in October 2000. He took care of every detail and was so lovingly supportive.

Len was a sensitive man and was almost protective of me. 
I keep thinking I’ll get in touch with all my McGuire friends someday soon. This is a reminder to me and those of you thinking the same to not wait for tomorrow, we may not get the chance.

I’ll miss Len. I haven’t accepted Zulf has gone yet, still think it is one of Mustafa’s pranks and he will call soon.

I can clearly hear Len speaking in front of the group if I just close my eyes.

Nabeela A.

Have you have any memories of Len, please share them in the comments below.

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