“As a parent, I found the course very interesting. It has helped me understand my child’s stammer much better and has taught me how to support my child as he learns to manage it and become a confident adult.

Last month, we returned to Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland to hold our FIRST In-Person course in over 2 years. 11 New Students attended the course and they worked really hard over the 3 days. The parents of the under 18s also attended and they played an important and active part in this course in encouraging and helping the new students overcome their stutter. A great team effort!

Comments from the parents in attendance:

“I cannot speak highly enough of the McGuire Programme. I watched my son blossom before my eyes as he went through the process. We often think of his coursemates and hope to meet them again at refresher courses. Thanks to all the coaches for their time and support. We can’t thank everyone enough.”


“The changes that I’ve seen in my son since the course last weekend are nothing short of dramatic! Not alone has his stammering greatly decreased, his confidence has gone through the roof. He is looking forward to the next occasion where he can present a topic in class. This is from the boy who avoided speaking at all in class since he started secondary school. It’s just amazing!  He now has no problem discussing his stammer with others and when I suggest that he might say a sentence in a better manner, he gladly accepts it.”


“For me personally, the course was an emotional journey where I saw my lovely son evolve from a timid youth on Wednesday to a confident young man who spoke to 100 strangers on Saturday without a bother on him. Telling ten of those 100 people, who he was and that he had a stammer, brought tears to my eyes. It’s what every parent would want – to have their child be proud and accepting of themselves. 

I found the course fascinating and learned a lot myself. The importance of eye contact and speaking when you are ready, rather than when the listener wants you to, was thought-provoking. The atmosphere of family and friendship within the course, between the coaches, graduates and new students was just heart-warming.”


“I decided to attend the course as my 14-year-old daughter has had a severe stammer since early childhood.

The course was totally professional and exceeded all our expectations.

The hard work and commitment of all the coaches were second to none. We left feeling we had joined a new family. We learned new techniques about how to control our speech, with all the techniques the course provided.

We are now fully equipped for the battle ahead, with the lifelong support provided by the McGuire Programme.”


“I was extremely impressed with all aspects of the McGuire programme; the structure, high quality of content, excellent delivery and time management of every element of the course were second to none.

Every coach, instructor and graduate offered full support, commitment, passion and compassion and it was really rewarding to see improvements and confidence levels growing over the course of just three days.

As a parent of an under 18 student of the programme, I found the course offered a really nurturing and safe environment where the students could address, not only their own experiences of stammering but also so many other related and contributing factors. I found it excellent that the course says it is not enough to just not stutter, the course is to help you become an articulate and eloquent speaker.”


“My 16-year-old son attended the course, as he wasn’t interacting much with others due to his speech and confidence.  I had heard great reports about the McGuire Programme from work colleges. He was so nervous going to the course and I can honestly say after the first few hours on the first day, he was at ease. From the quiet wee boy who wouldn’t speak out, to the one who was on his feet first most of the time to speak out. The difference in his speech and confidence is unreal. The team was amazing, each and every one of them. I couldn’t recommend the McGuire Programme enough. It has changed our lives.”


“As a parent, I found the course very interesting.  It has helped me understand my child’s stammer much better and has taught me how to support my child as he learns to manage it.

My son’s speech has improved dramatically, and while he is still learning how to manage his stammer, his confidence and assertiveness have greatly improved.  He is thoroughly enjoying the experience.”


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