Our members and several new students attended a McGuire Programme intensive course in Düsseldorf, Germany back in July 2022 working on their stutter and learning to develop new habits to replace the old bad speaking habits.


It can be tough to stick with new habits for the long haul. We all know we need to break bad habits and start anew, but it’s especially hard when your habits come from within. Even if you’ve tried before and failed, it can feel like a new challenge to try again.

How to Stay On Top of Your Day-to-Day Life.

One of the best ways to stay on top of your new habits is to create a better lifestyle for yourself. This can be done by setting goals and making changes every day. By taking on more challenging tasks and seeking out experiences, you can improve your quality of life. This applies to overcoming stuttering too, by learning new strategies and executing them in the real world.

A truly international stutter course with over 19 nationalities coming together to work on their stutter and become better than normal speakers and communicators.
Make Changes Every Day

The best way to stay on top of your day-to-day life is by making changes every day. This means creating a plan of action for the day and staying organized so that everything you do falls into place. Once you have this system in place, it will be easier to stay on top of your life and achieve your goals.

One of the most important things you can do to stay on top of going beyond stuttering is to make new habits stronger than old bad speaking habits. For our new and existing members, this means starting a new routine by making the new habits consistent, reaching targets (small goals) and tracking progress.

Keeping a positive attitude (and also taking on board the negative), and keeping your head up can help you stay motivated throughout your journey. And being efficient and assertively accepting yourself is key when it comes to staying on top of your beyond-stuttering game plan. By working towards milestones (goalposts) regularly, we are more likely to achieve our goals while maintaining new habits.

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Keep a Positive Outlook

When we have an upbeat attitude, our outlook on life will change too. We feel more positive about ourselves and what we’re doing in life, which will help us stay motivated and focused on our goals and new habits. Additionally, by having a positive outlook, we will reduce stress and anxiety in ourselves and those around us but don’t compare ourselves to others and remove expectations. This will help keep everything in check while, making it easier for you and everyone else involved!

With good new habits you will be consistent in reaching your targets.
How to Stay On Top of Your Life.

The first step in staying on top of your beyond stuttering game is setting and following a new set of habits. These new habits are taught throughout a McGuire Programme intensive course and maintained in our support network. This can be as simple as keeping a morning routine to get yourself ready for the day ahead, calling coaches, doing daily breathing exercises, practising your new speaking techniques, a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. It’s important to be motivated to stick with these habits, as breaking them can lead to negative consequences. And it’s always important to ask yourself ‘What are the consequences of not doing what needs to be done?’ There are always consequences!

Be Independent

If you want to stay on top of your life, it’s important to be independent. This means being able to make choices for yourself and not depending on others. To achieve this goal, you need to be self-sufficient and have the resources necessary to manage your own life.

Be Motivated

Being motivated also requires having an active imagination and a desire to achieve goals. You need to be inspired by what you want to do and feel motivated by the thought of succeeding. You don’t need external forces or external rewards to motivate you; rather, you should internalize the motivation and focus on achieving your goals.

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If you want to stay on top of your life, it’s important to follow a set of habits and be motivated. Stay active, keep your positive outlook, and be efficient – these are just a few ideas to help you stay on top of your day-to-day life. By being proactive and keeping track of your progress, you can make sure that you’re making the most out of every day.

Below are a few comments from members who attended the recent McGuire Programme Course in Düsseldorf, Germany (28.-30. July 2022).

I arrived on Thursday evening tired and stressed from work, thinking I will not be able to sustain 2 full days of courses. However, the positive energy, the enthusiasm and the inspiring stories I heard from the new students, grads and coaches brought my energy to a high level and made me realise that we can only become stronger against our stutter when we do things together and share our own experiences. Thank you for putting so much effort for these courses to happen and for being so kind and thoughtful.

Sabrina returning member

Thanks once again for giving us all the opportunity to spend 3/4 days working on our speech in a special environment. The atmosphere on a German course is like no other I’ve attended in any other region and why I keep coming back again and again.

It’s really heartening to see members spend time with each other during the breaks, etc. This is where the sense of community is strengthened and new connections are made.

John Joe, McGuire coach and returning member (plus a regular on Düsseldorf courses).

I finished my first McGuire course in 2021 completely online. Before attending my first in-person course in Düsseldorf, my intention was to improve my speech with the help of techniques. After finishing this course, I can say, the time in Düsseldorf gave me so much more than I expected. Being in sessions with other members and new students, exchanging experiences, thoughts, fear and success – it started to change my mind about stuttering.

For me, the course was about acceptance, openness and connections which in my opinion are the requirements to be able to implement the techniques successfully.

I am honest, I still struggle with accepting my stutter. It won’t change within 3 days, but these amazing people in this course definitely showed me that it’s possible to be open about it and abandon negative thoughts. Even after the course, we support each other and eventually make new friends all over the world.

Without my stutter, I would never have met these fun and hard-working people. I don’t want to miss this experience in my life.

Sophie returning member (first in-person course)

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