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Twitter Hashtag for #SchoolForStammerers
RT @Daniarmstrong88: Oh Tony love him ❤️ #schoolforstammerers
RT @Daniarmstrong88: Oh Tony love him ❤️ #schoolforstammerers
Forgot that I'd taped #SchoolForStammerers last month and just catching up with it now. I share their pain and everyone that's on it is a hero, an absolute hero #NotAllHerosWearCapes
Know anybody who stammers? Check out my article in the @CravenHerald @DA_cravenherald and tell them about the @mcguireprogram #stammering #schoolforstammerers
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RT @NickiFrenchie: Wow - #SchoolForStammerers - an absolutely heartbreaking - and yet heartwarming - programme! Congrats to them all. I’…
This is school lunch in Albemarle High School 🤮🤮 #schoollunch #chef #schoolforstammerers
RT @Daniarmstrong88: Watching #SchoolForStammerers have so much respect for these guys what amazing people 🙌🏻


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